Compliance Plan Toolkit

WHEREAS, Federal, state, and local compliance issues are consistently a source of confusion and frustration among physicians.

WHEREAS, Other national organizations and state medical associations offer customizable compliance plan toolkits that address the most common issues faced by physician employers.

WHEREAS, The cost of standalone compliance toolkits for a medical office ranges from $300- $1,500.

RESOLVED, That the FMA develop a customizable compliance plan toolkit that addresses at a minimum the following commonly cited issues: employee code of conduct and handbook, compliance officer position description, OSHA regulations, antitrust laws, privacy practices, DEA certification, CLIA regulations, Sunshine Act, professional courtesy, dismissing a patient, non- retaliation, non-discrimination, sexual harassment, and the use non-physician providers.

RESOLVED, That the FMA offer the customizable compliance plan toolkit available for download on the FMA website to all members for free or a nominal charge as a membership benefit.